Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

ENTRY 0018

Occasionally, some of my acquisitions are items that completely surprise me.  Seeing the first issue of a magazine at the newsstand.  Discovering something like Sci-Fox or The DRINK on the freebie table at a convention.

This was another serendipitous incident.  My collection includes a number of items relating to the Sci-Fi Channel, and not too long ago, I did a search using "sci fi channel" as the parameters.  As I was looking through the results, I came across a promotional item that the channel did for the San Diego Comic-Con in 2007.  The item was a "catalog" of different items appearing in the series Eureka.  (I have a similar fake catalog that was produced a few years earlier for the series Invisible Man.)

I put the item on my Watch List while I made the usual inquiry of the seller.  In other words, "Do you take money orders?"  He said yes, and three days ago, I placed my bid.

The auction ended today, and I was online when it ended.  That last hour was just a little nerve-wracking.  Even though no one else had placed a bid, I am always more than a little worried that someone would swoop in at the last second to steal it from me.  But those last seconds ticked away without any other activity.

Once I confirmed that I was the winner, I quickly sent a request for the total amount, and I received an invoice not too long ago.  Of course, with today being Sunday, I won't be mailing the payment until tomorrow.

Today is also my birthday, so this ended up being a nice little present to myself.  If only all auctions would end this easily.


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