Saturday, September 03, 2011

Filling More Gaps

ENTRY 0012

I actually filled two more gaps in my library last weekend.  Because I was busy writing on a couple of other subjects, though, I didn't think about writing about them until now.

First on my list was an issue of Comics Spotlight.  This was a short-lived magazine -- only five issues were published -- that came out in 2002-2003.  The issue that I was missing was #4, which for some reason never made an appearance at any of the comic stores in Louisville.

Second were two issues of the Charmed magazine published by Titan Magazines.  The issues I missed were #15 and #21, and for the standard reason -- I waited too long, and #16 and #22 were on the stands before I realized it.

I did the usual searching on Ebay, and I found all three.  Good news for me, one dealer had both of the Charmed issues, and the listings said he was willing to combine multiple listings into one shipment.  Even better, when I made my usual inquiries, both sellers said that they accepted money orders.

I put all three items on my Watch List.  And this time, I proceeded to wait.  I waited until there was only a day or two left before clicking the Buy It Now button.  I sent the usual requests for where to send payment, and since it was the weekend, I had to wait a day or so for a reply.  Once I had the reply, I picked up the money orders and mailed them.

And now, we are back to waiting.  I'm hoping that Hurricane Irene won't be a problem; one of the sellers is in Pennsylvania, and Ebay sent a message that there may be a possibility of some delay or disruption.  The other one is in Denver, which to the best of my knowledge, has never had problems with hurricanes.

So far, though, I have not heard anything since I let the sellers know that the payment was on the way.


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