Friday, September 16, 2011

Last Of The Easy Gaps

ENTRY 0017

I went to the post office this afternoon.  I didn't know with any certainty that I would have something waiting for me, but I just had this feeling.

As Obi-Wan Kenobi said to Luke Skywalker, "Trust your feelings."  As it turned out, I was right to do so.  Inside my mailbox was a key.  In the locker was the copy of Angel Scriptbook #5.  (Incidentally, the episode script featured in this issue was "Five By Five.")

Well, it couldn't have been anything else; that was the only package that I was anticipating.  (And at the moment, I don't have anything else in the pipeline from an Ebay auction or listing.)

I went from there to the library, and I logged on to Ebay to leave feedback.  I quickly discovered that the seller had left feedback for me since last night, because my feedback rating was up to 238.

Unfortunately, I think this was the last of the easy gaps in my collection for me to fill.  I still have gaps; it's just that it's going to be more than picking up just one or two issues from here.  I'll have to check the spreadsheet file to be certain.

But then, that's what makes the whole pursuit of acquisition fun, right?


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