Thursday, September 08, 2011

Another Gap Closed

ENTRY 0013

Over the weekend, I filled in one more gap in my collection.  The acquisition target this time was an issue of Angel Scriptbook.  This was published by IDW Comics in 2006.  Each issue ran the shooting script from an episode of the TV series Angel.  Given enough time, I feel certain that they probably would have covered the entire series, but only seven issues came out before the title was cancelled.

The issue I was missing was #5.  Like Comics Spotlight #4, it never appeared at any of the local comics stores I frequent.  Or, given that the stores didn't order that many copies of any one issue, it's entirely possible in both instances that both Angel Scriptbook #5 and Comics Spotlight #4 did appear here in Louisville, but they sold out before I made it to The Great Escape or Comic Book World on the particular Wednesday in question.

Whatever the reason, I missed the issue, and now I found myself turning to Ebay to rectify the situation.  The search parameter was easy enough -- "angel scriptbook 5."  There were several listings, and I began sending the usual inquiry as to whether or not a seller accepted money orders.  As luck would have it, the first seller I queried replied in the affirmative, so I put that listing on my Watch List.

I waited until Sunday to make my move.  At that point, there was only about a day or so before the listing expired.  I decided that I had waited long enough, so I clicked the Buy It Now button.  Once that was confirmed, I sent the seller a message asking for the address where I should mail the payment.

Of course, Monday was Labor Day, and I suspect the holiday was the reason it took a little longer for me to get a response.  I got a reply yesterday, picked up the money order, and got everything in the mail.

And once again, I am now in waiting mode.


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