Thursday, October 20, 2011

Belated Birthday Present

ENTRY 0019

As I mentioned in my last entry, my birthday present to myself was an item I won on Ebay -- a promotional item for the TV series Eureka that the Sci-Fi Channel produced in 2007 for the San Diego Comic-Con.  As soon as I knew I won the auction, I sent the seller the usual request for the total amount due.

As I mentioned, my birthday was on Sunday this year, so I still had to wait until the next day before mailing the payment.  And once I mailed the payment, I settled into my usual waiting mode.

This time, the wait was a little longer than usual.  The seller sent me a message a few days ago, apologizing for the delay.  It was one of those things where a couple of unanticipated surprises got in the way.  In any event, the package had been shipped.

When I checked Ebay later that day, I noticed that a tracking number for the package appeared on my Purchase History page.  I kept checking it the past few days.  When I checked yesterday, it said that the package had been delivered to my mailbox.

Today, I went to the post office.  When I checked my mailbox, there was a key inside, just as I had anticipated.  And in the locker was the promo "catalog," securely packed.

Once I had the chance to go online, I logged on to Ebay, and left the appropriate feedback.  I also sent a message to the seller letting him/her know that I had received the package.  And while I already gave the item a cursory inspection when I first got it, I plan to give it a more thorough look later this evening.


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