Saturday, August 20, 2011

Now, Insider

ENTRY 0006

I've actually had a few successful conclusions in rapid succession.  I've just been a little busy with other matters to write about them until now.

The issues of Asimov's weren't the only magazines that needed to be replaced.  Fortunately for me, these would be a little easier to replace, since they were more recent magazines.  One of those was the first issue of Doctor Who Insider, a magazine that premiered earlier this year.  (As of this writing, issue #5 is the current issue on the stands.)

My first thought was to contact the publisher to see if they had back issues available.  But while DWI is geared toward an American audience, the publisher is in England, so acquiring another copy of DWI #1 that way was not the best option.  Once again, Ebay proved to be the better option. Searching "doctor who insider" yielded an abundance of results, and several of those were of the first issue.

At the same time, I was also doing a few searches for issue #50 of the British magazine Sci Fi Now.  I had missed the issue when it appeared on the stands a few months ago.  Oh, I had seen it; I had just miscalculated when issue #51 would be on the stands to replace it.  (I've done that with more than a few magazine issues, hence the need to fill in a few gaps here and there.)  I did some double-checking, and I found one seller who was selling both magazines.  The good news -- he was willing to combine purchases into one package to save on shipping.  The better news -- when I asked if he accepted payment other than PayPal, he said yes.  He also had multiple copies of both magazines.

I waited another day or two, and decided that I wasn't going to find a better opportunity.  So, I clicked the "Buy It Now" button for both items, and sent a message asking for the combined total and mailing address.  He sent the information, I got the money order, and it went in the mail.

And once again, it's a matter of waiting.  I have a feeling that over the next week or two, I shall be quite pleased when I go to the post office to check my mailbox.


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