Monday, August 22, 2011

Feedback Firsts

ENTRY #0008

If you have bought anything on Ebay, you're familiar with feedback ratings -- that little number in parentheses that appears next to a user ID.  It's always something of a welcome surprise when I sign in to Ebay, and discover that my rating has increased.  If nothing else, it's a definite sign that a seller has received payment from me, and I can look forward to finding that item in my mailbox soon.

I would have to say that there have been a few times when receiving feedback has brought a special thrill.  Getting that very first feedback, of course.  Getting my first feedback star -- the yellow star -- once my feedback rating reached 10.  Seeing my star change from yellow to turquoise when my feedback rating reached 100.  (No, I didn't get the blue star, which is awarded at a feedback rating of 50.  By the time Ebay introduced that star, my rating was already above 100, so I missed it.)

When my account was reinstated a few weeks ago, my feedback rating was 232.  When I signed in yesterday, though, the number had jumped to 233.  The seller of the issues of Doctor Who Insider and Sci-Fi Now had received my payment, and left feedback, along with some nice things to say about me.

All of which means that I have something to look forward to when I go to the post office sometime this week.


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